OnePassport Marketplace

SureComply believes in

  • Not reinventing the wheel;
  • API technology is now common enough that all platforms should include it; and
  • Therefore all organisations should have the ability to design their own best of breed network that suits their purposes.

One of the major challenges to this concept until now was the lack of affordable API driven middleware for the small to medium enterprise market. Leaving such connectivity in the exclusive realm of large corporates using enterprise solutions.

OnePassport | ConnectHQ was designed to bring cutting edge, API driven connectivity to small to medium enterprises. ConnectHQ provides the entire API structure and event choreography as a free kit to any platform provider. The platform provider does their own development, therefore there is no cost borne by SureComply, thus creating a low cost connectivity solution.

For up to date OnePassport Marketplace information (as either a customer or a platform provider) please email [email protected]