SureComply operates three separate platforms that work together as OnePassport.


OnePassport is a Personal Data Repository (PDR) that allows people to collect all of their useful information that is usually used in employment and membership organisations, and store it all in one place. Ready to be shared by you when you need it.

OnePassport not only exports (sends) your details to the organisations you choose to connect with; but it imports (receives) verified information about you from education providers (eg qualifications and certificates), background checks providers (eg police checks), etc.

Empowering you to own and be in control of your own information.

OnePassport | ConnectHR

ConnectHR is the organisation interface for OnePassport. Allowing organisations to see all of their people. ConnectHR works as both a standalone HR Information System (HRIS) as well as in the role of the Source of Truth (SoT) in a network of workforce management platforms including payroll, rostering, etc.

ConnectHR is designed to work “out of the box” but is easily customisable by industries to their specific needs such as regulatory compliance, roles and ranks, and other particular requirements. It can be used as much as a membership management system as a workforce management system.

OnePassport | ConnectHQ

ConnectHQ is a Data Integration as a Service (DIaaS) platform (middleware) that connects both OnePassport and ConnectHR, as well as all of the third party platforms. Developed on a JSON API structure, ConnectHQ provides the ability for small and medium enterprises to automate common HR functionality and easily share information between workforce management platforms. Allowing them access to the benefits of true API driven middleware at an affordable price.